We take pride in working with high-end suppliers who are world-leaders in design and technological innovation to create chic and stylish home appliance solutions for our clients.

Our range features the latest cutting-edge technology and design, with beautiful yet brilliant functional designs, to bring true luxury to your home.

Our team is passionate about designing appliance solutions to create sleek and modern kitchens, laundry and living spaces. We focus on understanding your requirements first and foremost, then work with our supply partners to offer the best solutions to suit your needs and specifications.

We understand everyone's tastes and needs are unique. Our showroom showcases our extensive range and allows you to engage with our latest products to help you decide the best selection for your home or project. Alternatively, we can visit you in your place of business to discuss possible solutions in your own environment.

Our quotes are provided with accurate information in a timely manner and when products are confirmed, our systems are designed to provide seamless delivery as required.

Begin your journey today and explore our specially chosen product range, from world renowned, high-end brands.

Discover your options and talk to our team today for advice or to organise a quote.

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Premier Appliances is renowned for creating home appliance solutions of luxury and class.

We have access to overseas brands to bring a touch of elegance to your next build, renovation or development project.